St Andrews Beach Brewery Tour in Mornington Peninsula

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Visit the iconic St Andrews Beach Brewery on this one-of-a-kind Mornington Peninsula brewery tour.

🕔 4 hour Experience
🚁 35 minute Private Flight (each way)
🍽️ 2 hours ground time for Lunch
🍗 Special Lunch Platter + 🍺 Beer Tasting
📍 Flights depart Essendon (20 mins from CBD)
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Helicopter Brewery Tour from Melbourne to St Andrews Beach Brewery in Mornington Peninsula

Experience the ultimate helicopter brewery tour from Melbourne to St Andrew's Beach Brewery in Mornington Peninsula. This helicopter tour is the perfect alternative to traditional venues like Red Hill Brewery and offers an exciting, year-round adventure for groups of friends looking for a relaxed atmosphere, mouthwatering lunch menu and outstanding craft beer.

St Andrews Beach Brewery is a must-visit brewery that calls Mornington Peninsula home and is housed in an existing racehorse training facility that’s had a significant facelift and been transformed into the most unique beer garden outside Melbourne.

The Ultimate Mornington Peninsula Brewery Tour with thoroughbred racehorse DNA

The brewery pays homage to the property and location's storied racing past by naming each of its signature brews after aspects of horse racing, such as the 6 Furlongs Pale Ale, The Strapper Australian Lager, Box 54 Golden Ale, and The Apprentice Session Ale.

The former racehorse training facility was once the training ground for some of Australia's most famous thoroughbred racehorses including Group 1 winner Makybe Diva, Mummify and Doriemus.

The former horse stables have now morphed into a private lunch booth, and the existing 1200-metre training track has been transformed into a giant apple orchard to make way for their home track apple cider. 

This unique transformation has allowed St Andrew's Beach Brewery to protect the location's horse racing heritage while creating a unique brewery, bar and restaurant atmosphere in the heart of St Andrew's Beach, unlike any other winery venue or craft brewery on the Mornington Peninsula. It's a venue that's now famous among locals and international tourists visiting Mornington all year round.

Itinerary - St Andrews Beach Brewery Visit

  • Depart by helicopter from Essendon Airport
  • Fly past Melbourne CBD and along Port Phillip Bay to St Andrews Beach Brewery
  • Two hours to explore the venue and enjoy a "Brew & Chew" lunch platter with beer tasting paddles
  • Take photos with the helicopter at St Andrew's Beach Brewery
  • Return flights by helicopter to Essendon Airport

Your Experience - Helicopter brewery tour from Melbourne to St Andrew's Beach Brewery in Mornington Peninsula

Your helicopter pub tour to St Andrews Brewery begins with a spectacular 35-minute helicopter flight over Melbourne City and the Mornington Peninsula.

During the helicopter flight to St Andrews, you'll enjoy breathtaking views of famous coastal landmarks like St Kilda, the Brighton Beach Boxes, Mount Martha, Dromana, Arthur's Seat and St Andrew’s beach before arriving at this famous Mornington Peninsula brewery.

You will arrive in style at St Andrew's Beach Brewery, ready to grab a drink and taste the finest locally-brewed craft beers in Mornington Peninsula.

St Andrews Beach Brewery - One of Australia’s best craft breweries that happens to call Mornington Peninsula home

Once you arrive at the venue their friendly staff will be eagerly waiting to greet and welcome you to the St Andrew's Beach Brewery.

Take a seat for some beers with your mates and start with a beer tasting paddle to experience craft breweries at their best.

With a focus on quality and sustainability, their 25-hectolitre brewery uses locally-sourced hops to create its signature brews including an Aussie lager, US pale ale, summery Golden Ale and a crisp pilsner. 

Whether you're a craft beer connoisseur or a casual drink enthusiast, every beer is guaranteed to deliver a crisp, authentic Mornington Peninsula taste.

A helicopter pub tour with a great beer selection and lunch menu that will not disappoint

Complementing the exceptional locally-brewed beer, the St Andrew brewery restaurant and lunch menu feature a down-to-earth selection of dishes crafted from fresh produce that's sourced locally across the Mornington Peninsula region.

St Andrew's Brewery's signature lunch dishes include crispy beer-battered fish and chips, fried "chicken sando" burger, pork sausage pizza and a tender, slow-cooked beef brisket served with tangy slaw and fries (Full winter menu can be found here).

For guests choosing an all-inclusive package, you'll be treated to the St Andrew's classic "Brew & Chew" including Carolina Wings, Fried Pickle chips, Taco, Tennessee slaw, Cheese Kransky, Chorizo Mac & Cheese & Hanger Steak. This'll all be washed down with a signature beer tasting paddle, showcasing  handful of their amazing locally-brewed, craft beers.

The combination of an exciting helicopter trip over the Melbourne and Mornington Peninsula coastline, locally-crafted beers and a mouthwatering lunch menu make this a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, unlike any other winery or brewery tour in Melbourne.

FAQs - Winery and Brewery Tours Mornington Peninsula

Is St Andrews Beach Brewery kid friendly?

Yes, the St Andrews Beach Brewery is well-known for its family-friendly atmosphere. Many visitors have consistently rated the brewer for providing a relaxed and enjoyable experience for both adults and kids.

Where is St Andrews Beach Brewery located?

The brewery is located in the Mornington Peninsula, one of the most popular wine regions in Victoria. The exact address of the venue is 160 Sandy Rd, Fingal VIC 3939.

What's included in the St Andrews Beach Brewery Menu?

The St Andrews Beach Brewery Menu offers a wide range of lunch options such as crispy beer-battered fish and chips, fried "chicken sando" burger, pork sausage pizza and a tender, slow-cooked beef brisket served with tangy slaw and more.

Who owns St Andrews Beach Brewery?

St Andrews Beach Brewery was originally a racetrack built for the renowned Freedman Brothers in the early 2000s. In 2015, co-founders Andrew Purchase and Michael Freedman turned the former stables into a unique brewery, building on the property's existing infrastructure and fascinating history.

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