Helicopter Rides in Melbourne

A scenic helicopter flight over Melbourne is the best way to experience spectacular views of Melbourne's famous landmarks and best tourist attractions from the air. Consistently rated as one of the best things to do in Melbourne and with our 150+ five-star reviews, helicopter rides around Melbourne offer couples and families a scenic tour of Melbourne CBD, the Brighton Beaches Boxes, Mornington Peninsula, Port Phillip Bay and also the Great Ocean Road. 

Scenic helicopter tours operate over Melbourne's most popular tourist destinations including Melbourne Star, Marvel Stadium, Eureka Tower, the Formula 1 Circuit at Albert Park, Luna Park, St Kilda Pier, the Brighton Beach Boxes, Sandringham Marina, Royal Botanic Gardens, the Shrine of Remembrance, Rod Laver Arena and the MCG.

Helicopter scenic flights to Mornington Peninsula deliver spectacular views of Mount Martha, Dromana Beach, Mornington, Portsea, Sorrento, Queenscliff and the entrance to Port Phillip Bay at Point Nepean. If you're looking for an extended scenic flight, choose a half-day helicopter tour and fly from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles on a private helicopter charter and fly along the Great Ocean Road over Torquay, Lorne and Apollo Bay on your way to the famous 12 Apostles on Victoria's spectacular shipwreck coast.

Scenic Helicopter Flights 

Helicopter Rides around Melbourne CBD

A scenic helicopter flight over Melbourne allows you spectacular views of Melbourne's best tourist attractions from the comfort of a private helicopter. Sit back and relax on a private helicopter charter as you enjoy panoramic views of Melbourne City and the beaches of Port Phillip Bay including St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton and Sandringham.

Scenic helicopter rides over Melbourne are perfect for couples looking to celebrate a special occasion like an anniversary and make for the perfect surprise gift for an adventurous partner. Scenic helicopter tours are also perfectly suited to families with children, allowing both parents and kids to combine an exciting family adventure over Melbourne's city and beaches with the experience of flying together in a helicopter.


$219 per person

This classic 20 minute helicopter ride over Melbourne CBD delivers the best aerial views of Melbourne CBD, St Kilda Beach, Luna Park, the F1 Circuit at Albert Park, Yarra River and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).

The Melbourne City Scenic Helicopter Ride is consistently rated as one of the best things to do and most popular activities in Melbourne with over 150+ five-star reviews.

30 minute flight

$279 per person

A 30 minute scenic helicopter ride that combines spectacular views of Melbourne City with the iconic beaches along the coast of Port Phillip Bay including St Kilda, Elwood, Brighton and Sandringham.

Fly past the skyscrapers of Melbourne's CBD and then down the coast for a birds-eye view of St Kilda, Luna Park, the famous Brighton Beach Boxes and even an historical treasure at Sandringham Marina — A sunken submarine from World War 1.

30 minute flight

$349 per person

This exclusive helicopter tour is your opportunity to see Melbourne at sunrise with a special 30 minute, doors-off helicopter flight.

This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch the sun rise over Melbourne in an open helicopter cockpit with no doors. There's also a very good chance you'll see Hot Air Balloons floating over the city making this scenic flight one of the most magical helicopter rides in Melbourne.

Helicopter Rides to Mornington Peninsula

A helicopter ride to Mornington Peninsula incorporates four amazing scenic flights allowing you to enjoy a private helicopter charter over Melbourne, down the coast past the Brighton Beaches Boxes, over Mornington Peninsula including the Millionaire's walk in Portsea and Sorrento and along the Bellarine Peninsula and Corio Bay. These extended scenic tours allow you to explore Melbourne and its surrounding areas in just over an hour by helicopter.

Sale Off
View from the cockpit during a helicopter tour by Rotor One.

1 hour and 15 minute flight

$690 per person

A 1 hour and 15 minute scenic helicopter ride from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula to experience the famous beaches, exclusive suburbs and popular landmarks of Mornington Peninsula.

Your extended flight path take you past Melbourne CBD and over St Kilda, the Brighton Beach Boxes, Mount Martha, Arthur's Seat, the exclusive Millionaire's Walk in the Mornington Peninsula suburbs of Sorrento & Portsea, the ocean inlet at Point Nepean and the waterfront city of Geelong.

Scenic Helicopter Tours from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles

Fly from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles on a private helicopter charter and experience Victoria's most spectacular natural landmarks from the air. This half-day helicopter scenic tour starts in Melbourne and follows the famous Great Ocean Road to the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell National Park.

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12 Apostles & Great Ocean Road Helicopter Tour from Melbourne with Rotor One

1 hour 15 minute flight 

$1,590 per person

The 12 Apostles helicopter ride is a once-in-a-lifetime scenic tour that takes 1 hour and 15 minutes by helicopter from Melbourne (instead of 4 hours by car).

You'll have the very best views of the Twelve Apostles from your private helicopter before a VIP landing to explore the 12 Apostle lookout points on the ground and the option to stop off and enjoy a winery lunch at one of the Bellarine Peninsula's best vineyards on your return flight to Melbourne.

5 Awesome Helicopter Experiences You’ll Never Forget

Helicopter rides are one of the most spectacular things to do in Melbourne and we've broken down the top 5 helicopter experiences as rated by passengers like you.

Why people choose to fly with rotor one

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✅ Helicopters with air conditioning: Stay comfortable on hot summer days and cold winter mornings in whatever you're wearing.

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✅ Fly with our owner: Our owner Ed runs the company and often flies guests personally to ensure our experiences are truly special.

About Us

Rotor One is a helicopter tour company specialising in scenic helicopter flights in Melbourne.

See all of Melbourne's famous landmarks on a 20 minute helicopter flight or take a sunrise tour and spot Hot Air Balloons over the city!

A helicopter ride is perfect for any special occasion. You can celebrate your anniversary as a couple with a helicopter wine tour or by exploring the natural wonders of the 12 Apostles

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Frequently Asked Questions - Helicopter Scenic Flights

What is the best helicopter scenic flight in Melbourne?

Is a helicopter ride worth it?

Helicopter flights are one of the best sightseeing tours you can do in Melbourne! Experience Melbourne’s tourist attractions from above with incredible views over Melbourne City, Port Phillip Bay and popular landmarks. Helicopter flights are the perfect gift idea that can be purchased as gift vouchers for couples and special occasions and ranked one of the best tourist activities and best things to do in Melbourne.

What will I see on a scenic flight over Melbourne?

A scenic flight over Melbourne is the ultimate way to experience the best tourist attractions and landmarks in Melbourne, Yarra Valley and Mornington Peninsula from the air. Scenic flights from Essendon Airport and Moorabbin Airport fly over Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Albert Park, Port Phillip Bay, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles and Mount Buller.

Where can helicopters land in Melbourne?

Helicopters landing in Melbourne usually land at Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport or the Helipad at Southbank. Outside of populated areas like Melbourne, helicopters often land in the Yarra Valley & Bellarine Peninsula for winery tours and otherwise can also land at licensed airstrips, helipads and on private property with the property owner’s permission.

How much does a helicopter tour cost?

Are helicopter rides scary?

Floating through the air in a helicopter is a unique feeling unlike anything you’ve experienced before! Helicopter rides can seem scary if you haven’t flown before but this is a completely natural feeling for some people. The best thing to do is focus on the amazing experience you’re about to have and after a few minutes in the air you’ll be focussed on enjoying the spectacular views of Melbourne.

Can I fly in a helicopter with a fear of heights?

Absolutely and many people who fly in helicopters have a fear of heights but feel the experience is very different to standing on a mountain or tall building. Speaking to your Pilot to go through your flight plan and safety briefing will help ease any nerves knowing what you can expect and Pilots are very willing to adjust the flight to make you feel comfortable at all times.

Are helicopters safe?

Helicopters are a safer mode of transport than cars and the safest form of transport in General Aviation according to a study by TPG. Helicopters are subject to strict service intervals every 50 hours, inspected daily prior to any flight duties and have the benefit of being able to land anywhere and at any time in the event of an emergency. 

Where do helicopters fly from in Melbourne?

Helicopters fly from Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport and the city helipad in Southbank. Essendon Airport is 15 minutes from the city and the best location for Melbourne City flights. Moorabbin Airport is 45 minutes from the city and has the second busiest airspace in Australia due to extensive flight training. Flights are more expensive from the city helipad as they’re operated by larger Helicopters for charter of VIP, crown casino and corporate passengers. Rotor One flights operate exclusively from Essendon Airport.

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