Helicopter Wine Tours in Melbourne

Melbourne is a short helicopter ride from some of the best wineries in the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula and Nagambie regions. A wine tour by helicopter allows you to enjoy a wine tasting and cellar door experience of award-winning wines including Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz varieties, followed by a winery lunch with a degustation or set lunch menu for couples, or shared plates and grazing platters for the family. Helicopter wine tours are the perfect gift for a special occasion, and the experience of flying to a winery by helicopter for lunch is an anniversary present or birthday gift that you'll both remember for years to come.

Choose from one of 10 helicopter winery tours across Melbourne's best wine regions of the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula & Nagambie, each offering a unique wine tasting and winery lunch experience.

Winery Tours by Helicopter from Melbourne

Helicopter Winery Tours in the Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley is one of the most popular wine regions for wine tasting and winery lunch by helicopter from Melbourne and has a 150+ year history of producing some of the best wines in Australia and the world.  The Yarra Valley is the perfect destination for a winery lunch by helicopter and also several vineyards also offer short-stay accommodation for day trips and weekend retreats.

Winery tours with Rotor One offer a private helicopter charter from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley followed by a private helicopter landing at your vineyard of choice, often right in front of the restaurant. After landing at the winery, you'll be escorted to the restaurant or cellar door to enjoy your lunch and wine tasting experience.

Winery lunch tours in the Yarra Valley are very popular with couples celebrating a special occasion, such as a birthday or anniversary. Wine tours by helicopter combine amazing views on a helicopter ride from Melbourne with a romantic winery lunch reservation and premium wine tasting of some of the best wines in the Yarra Valley, ensuring you'll both remember the experience for years to come.

Wineries in the Yarra Valley are also a popular destination for engagements and proposals, offering some of the best proposal packages and locations to pop the question in a unique and romantic way. Bring your proposal ideas to reality by fly your partner to a winery by helicopter to create a magical proposal that will be truly unforgettable.


$940 per person
A 25 minute helicopter winery tour from Melbourne to one of higher-end vineyards in the Yarra Valley — Levantine Hill Estate.

Combine your helicopter ride with a three, five or seven course lunch menu including seasonal snacks and wine tasting of Levantine Hill's award-winning wine varieties at their Cellar Door.

25 minute flight

$960 per person

A 25 minutes helicopter ride from Melbourne, enjoy a winery lunch at Meletos Restaurant, a relaxed venue set on the Stones of the Yarra Valley property.

The Meletos Restaurant offers seasonal three course lunch menu with a glass of wine and offers a laid-back winery lunch experience with amazing view of the Yarra Valley.

25 minute flight

$890 per person
A helicopter wine tour to Zonzo Estate is just 25 minutes from Melbourne and located in the heart of the Yarra Valley. 

Zonzo Winery has a reputation for amazing Italian food specialising in a family-style, three course shared lunch menu with typical Italian dishes in their restaurant.

Helicopter Brewery & Distillery Tours in the Yarra Valley

Visit the best distilleries and breweries in the Yarra Valley by helicopter. The Yarra Valley is a great wine region and also has plenty of alternatives including a distillery for gin tasting and a brewery for craft beer if you're looking for an exciting alternative to a traditional wine tasting tour at a vineyard.

Enjoy a private helicopter ride from Melbourne to the Yarra Valley for an afternoon spent tasting some of Australia's best gin at Four Pillars Distillery, or choose our unique Beers, Burgers & Gin tour — The perfect gift for that loved one who doesn't quite fit in at a winery but still enjoys a culinary adventure.

25 minute flight

$840 per person

Not a fan of wine? Then you should try Australia's best gin at the Four Pillars Distillery in the Yarra Valley.

This helicopter distillery tour takes you to the Four Pillars Gin Distillery in Healesville for a Gin & Tonic and tasting experience like no other. Enjoy a gin tasting of all of the Four Pillars award-winning gin varieties or make your own bottle of gin at this iconic Yarra Valley location.

25 minute flight

$970 per person

A unique helicopter tour for the non-winery crowd who enjoy a more down-to-earth mix of Beers, Burgers & Gin in the Yarra Valley. 

The tour starts with a 25 minute helicopter ride from Melbourne to Healesville and includes beer tasting at Watts River Brewery, an unforgettable burger lunch at Monroe's Burgers & Beers and finally a stop at the world-renowned Four Pillars Distillery for gin tasting.

Helicopter Winery Tours on the Bellarine Peninsula

The Bellarine Peninsula is just 35 minutes by helicopter from Melbourne and home to some of the best family-owned and operated wineries in Victoria. Bellarine Peninsula wineries are known for their cool-climate grapes that make for the perfect cellar door and wine tasting tour, and also offer some of the best winery lunch menus in the region. 

Wine tours include private helicopter charter from Melbourne to the Bellarine Peninsula and include a VIP landing at the vineyard by helicopter. Take a short stroll through the vines on your way to the restaurant where you'll be seated to enjoy a wine tasting experience and fine-dining lunch at the restaurant.

Winery lunch tours by helicopter to the Bellarine Peninsula are often taken by couples celebrating a special occasion including a birthday or anniversary. Bellarine Peninsula wineries offer amazing views over Geelong, the You Yangs and, on a clear day, the Melbourne City skyline, allowing you to enjoy a romantic winery lunch reservation and wine tasting with some of the best views available on the Bellarine Peninsula.

Sale Off
Jack Rabbit Winery Lunch Tour by Helicopter With Rotor One.

35 minute flight

$990 per person

A 35 minute helicopter ride from Melbourne to Jack Rabbit Vineyard with a private helicopter landing and  winery lunch experience like no other. 

Jack Rabbit Restaurant offers a fine-dining lunch menu that is matched to their popular, cool-climate wines including Jack Rabbit's Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling and Chardonnay wine varieties.

40 minute flight

$970 per person

A helicopter wine tour to Clyde Park Estate involves a 40 minute scenic helicopter ride from Melbourne to the beautiful town of Bannockburn. 

Clyde Park Winery is renowned for wine tasting and cellar door with a five-star-rated Pinot Noir and also offers a rustic, modern-Australian lunch menu with beautiful winery views over the rolling hills of Bannockburn and regional Victoria.

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Terindah Estate Winery Tour by Helicopter With Rotor One.

35 minute flight

$990 per person

Terindah translates as "The most beautiful" in Indonesian and this helicopter winery tour to Terindah Estate on the Bellarine Peninsula is no exception.

Terindah Estate combines spectacular views with an amazing wine tasting and food offering at their renowned restaurant, The Shed @ Terindah.

Helicopter Winery Tours in Nagambie

Nagambie, located in the Goulburn Valley wine region, is a relaxing destination with multiple wineries and vineyards located on the outskirts of the town of Nagambie. The most notable of which, Mitchelton Winery, is a popular destination for wine tours and winery lunches in the Nagambie region and can be reached in just 40 minutes by Helicopter from Melbourne.

Sale Off
Mitchelton Winery Tour by Helicopter from Melbourne to Nagambie with Rotor One

40 minute flight 

$990 per person

A 40 minute helicopter tour from Melbourne, Mitchelton Winery is the most well-known winery estate in the Nagambie with 50 year history of producing wine in the region.

Enjoy a wine tasting at Mitchelton's Cellar Door, followed by a modern Australian lunch menu at Mitchelton's Muse Restaurant and then take a tour of Mitchelton's underground Gallery of Aboriginal Art or experience the beautiful views of Nagambie from Mitchelton's iconic 55-metre-high tower.

Helicopter Wine Tours from Melbourne

Top 9 Wineries That You Need To Visit By Helicopter

There are many amazing wineries in the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula & Nagambie regions and we'll help you decide which winery you should fly to and why.

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See some of the most popular wineries in the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula and Nagambie by helicopter.

Our winery helicopter tours are the ideal gift for a special occasion, whether it be celebrating a birthday, as an anniversary gift or to create the perfect proposal package for your partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions - Helicopter Winery Lunch

What is included in the helicopter winery tours?

All the winery tours by Rotor One includes a helicopter ride to the relevant winery and a exclusive landing at the venue. Wine tours to Levantine Hill Estate and Meletos winery include a lunch. The other winery tours includes 2.5 hours for you to have lunch at the venue or explore the winery.

What will I see on a helicopter wine tour in Melbourne?

You will get the best aerial views of Melbourne when you take one of our helicopter winery tours to the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula or Nagambie. The helicopter tour starts from from Essendon Airport and Moorabbin Airport fly over Melbourne CBD, St Kilda, Albert Park, Port Phillip Bay, Yarra Valley, Great Ocean Road, 12 Apostles and Mount Buller (subject to flight route).

How much does a helicopter winery tour cost?

Are helicopters safe?

Helicopters are a safer mode of transport than cars and the safest form of transport in General Aviation according to a study by TPG. Helicopters are subject to strict service intervals every 50 hours, inspected daily prior to any flight duties and have the benefit of being able to land anywhere and at any time in the event of an emergency. 

Where do helicopters fly from in Melbourne?

Helicopters fly from Essendon Airport, Moorabbin Airport and the city helipad in Southbank. Essendon Airport is 15 minutes from the city and the best location for Melbourne City flights. Moorabbin Airport is 45 minutes from the city and has the second busiest airspace in Australia due to extensive flight training. Flights are more expensive from the city helipad as they’re operated by larger Helicopters for charter of VIP, crown casino and corporate passengers. Rotor One flights operate exclusively from Essendon Airport.

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