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A Comprehensive Guide to Melbourne Experience Gifts (2023)

Special occasions call for special gifts and there's nothing more enjoyable than an experience gift that your partner or loved one will remember for the rest of their lives.

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know when buying an experience gift in Melbourne. This includes:

  1. What is an experience gift?

  2. Types of experience gifts

  3. Why experience gifts are better than traditional gifts?

  4. Who can you surprise with an experience gift?

  5. The top 7 experience gift ideas in Melbourne

  6. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Experience Gifts – what are they?

Traditional gifts are usually material, in the form of a physical object. An experience gift is special in that it offers a unique experience or activity for the recipient.

Let’s take a helicopter ride gift voucher as an example. There is no doubt that a helicopter ride is unique and is also exciting. Getting a view from a moving chopper is an experience many people would enjoy. When you gift such an experience to a loved one, it would be a very special gift that they'll cherish for the rest of their lifetime.

Gift experiences in Melbourne help create memories that can last a lifetime. People may forget the traditional gfits they received five years ago. But they are unlikely to forget a unique experience. That is the reason Melbourne experiences gift ideas are very popular.

Acorne Sports was one of the first experience gift companies that offered adventure and sports experiences. Soon, the concept of unique experience gifts took off and became popular in many parts of the world (including Australia!).

Types of Experience Gifts

There are different types of experience gifts, and they can be broadly classified under the following categories:

  1. Adventure Experience Gifts: Adventure experiences involve some kind of thrilling activity that is adventurous. These include activities like skydiving, hang gliding, abseiling and helicopter rides.

  2. Attraction Experience Gifts: These gifts involve visiting a popular attraction and enjoying the experience there. You visit popular attractions like the Melbourne Skydeck, Melbourne Museum, Werribee Open Range Zoo, Sea Life Melbourne Aquarium, Victoria Havour and more.

  3. Travel Experience Gifts: Travel-related experiences like golfing, wine tours or a weekend getaway.

  4. Beauty Experience Gifts: It includes spa treatments and related beauty treatments, including massage therapy.

  5. Dining Experience Gifts: These gifts involve dining out at unique places and also cover tours to vineyards, chocolate making, etc. Other interactive dining experiences include cooking classes, wine tastings, or high tea cruises in the Yarra River.

  6. Driving Experience Gifts: Go Karting, driving superbikes or racing cars, and driving super cars are experiences covered in this category.

Melbourne Experience Gifts

Why experience gifts are better than traditional gifts?

Traditional gifts are essentially physical objects whereas an experience gift offers an experience in which the gift recipient participates actively. When you look at the benefits of experience gifts, you will be able to understand why these gifts are way better than traditional (materialistic) gifts.

1) They create memories

The biggest benefit of experience gifts is that they create memories that last long. Traditional gifts may or may not create such memories. Most traditional gifts are those that are commonly gifted by everyone. Since they are physical objects, they can be sometimes damaged or lost. An experience is intangible and is an activity that would be remembered for a lifetime. Photos can be taken during the experience and whenever you look at these photos, the experience would be remembered.

2) Ensures you can get to spend time together

Experience gifts are usually enjoyed by both the gift giver and the gift recipient too. For example, a helicopter ride is one of the best experience gift ideas for kids in Melbourne. Obviously, you will not want to send your kid alone on a helicopter ride and will accompany them. Similarly, if you are gifting a hot air balloon ride for your fiancée, you will want to go along with them. You get a chance to explore and spend quality time with your loved one, which makes experience gifts a better idea than traditional gifts.

3) Helps the recipient do what they love

Most people would have a hobby or something they are passionate about. But unfortunately, they would not be able to take it up because of various reasons. Experience gifts allow you to enjoy doing what you are passionate about. For example, if your loved one wanted to learn winemaking but couldn’t do it, then gift them a winemaking experience. They would cherish it because it is something they are passionate about. 

4) It is unique and meaningful

Traditional gifts are what everyone gives. If you want to give something different and unique, then try out experiences in Melbourne for gifts. The experience is meaningful and has more value than traditional gifts. When you gift someone an experience, it shows that you care for them. It shows that you value them and want them to enjoy an experience that creates memories.

5) It is a great gift for people who are difficult to please

Some people are difficult to please. They are not impressed with traditional gifts. They either have everything or don’t use the gift you give. For such people, unique gift experiences in Melbourne are an ideal option. Find out their interest and choose an experience that matches them. They would definitely enjoy trying something new!

6) It is social in nature

A material gift is something that usually only the recipient uses or enjoys. But an experience is a social event. For example, if you gift a helicopter ride for two, this allows the recipient to take someone along with them for the experience. Sometimes, the person giving the gift could also be a part of the experience, Therefore, making it very special for both parties.

Who can you surprise with an experience gift?

You may be wondering who is the ideal recipient for experience gifts. Is it your partner, children, parents or your co-workers? The answer is everyone! We can assure you that everyone would love to try something new.

For romantic couples, a helicopter wine tour would be the perfect way to celebrate a special occasion.

For children, a kids helicopter tour would be a very exciting experience.

For the elderly, a quiet dinner on a cruise would be an enjoyable experience.

Experiences can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether its a birthday, or an anniversary, an experience gift is the perfect gift idea in Melbourne.

The top 7 experience gift ideas in Melbourne

There are plenty of experiences you can enjoy with your loved ones. These experiences can be enjoyed as family experience gifts in Melbourne. They can also be gifted to the special person in your life as a couple experience gifts in Melbourne.

To help you decide, we have curated a list of the seven best experience gifts in Melbourne. Go through our list and choose the one you like the most.

1. A Scenic Helicopter Ride

When you travel on a flight, you can get a view of the city only during take-off and landing. At all other times, you can only see the clouds. If you want a scenic view from the top (while also being able to enjoy the views), you must try a helicopter flight over Melbourne's City Skyline. In this tour, you'll get to see spectacular views of the city from the comfort of a luxury helicopter.

From a single person to a small group, everyone can experience a helicopter ride in Melbourne. If you want a ride with your special person, then you book the entire helicopter for the two of you. It's a couple's experience that both of you will enjoy.

If you want to celebrate an occasion like a birthday or an anniversary, you can fly to a winery. This four-hour trip includes a scenic helicopter ride, tasting, and a delicious lunch at a popular Yarra Valley winery of your choice.

Scenic Helicopter Ride Melbourne

2. Hot Air Balloon Ride

If your loved one is the adventurous type then consider gifting a hot air balloon ride. It is an ideal gift experience for couples, newlyweds, and your partner's special day. The Hot-air balloon tour takes you on a trip over the Hunter Valley. The entire trip is for a duration of four hours, including an hour of the balloon ride.

After you complete the balloon ride, you would be taken to a winery where you can enjoy an a la carte breakfast and a glass of sparkling wine. You will also get a digital photo pack that captures your entire experience on the hot balloon.

Another option is the hot air balloon flight over Melbourne. The one-hour flight takes place at sunrise allowing you to get a great view of the vibrant city below. It is a ride suitable for adults and children above the age of 6.

Hot Air Balloon Experience Gift in Melbourne

3. Go Karting Ride

If you want a sporty, fun, and exhilarating experience gift then Go Karting is a good choice. Gift your loved one a Go Karting ride or better still, go along with them as they enjoy the ride.

You can go with your partner, friends, or the entire family. It is a fun activity that is relatively safe. The rides are usually for half an hour and you can race for a speed up to 60 km/hour. You will be properly equipped to ensure safety and there would be a full briefing on safety.

The powerful engines on the Go Karts ensure an exciting ride where you can either race with your loved ones or just race against the clock. If you want a longer experience, then you can choose a session with up to 30 laps.

Go Karting in Melbourne

4. Melbourne iFly

iFly Melbourne offers a unique and amazing experience of skydiving indoors using Virtual Reality (VR). It is the best experience gift for someone who loves an adrenaline racing experience. It is suitable even for kids and families.

It is a safe experience where an instructor would be available at all times to guide and ensure your safety as you experience indoor skydiving. The total flight duration is for around a minute. Every second would be exhilarating.

Melbourne iFly Indoor Sky Diving Experience

5. Zero Latency VR

Virtual Reality offers amazing experiences and this makes for a great experience gift. A Virtual Reality Experience in Melbourne allows you to play exciting games that would make you feel as though you are a part of the game.

With a headset, backpack, and controller you are fully equipped to give you a feel of really being in the game. The technology used offers an immersive experience that you will relish and remember for a long time.

It's the perfect gift not just for kids and teens but for people of all ages. You and your friends can play the game in a group and have a great time.

Zero Latency VR Melbourne

6. Smash Room

Smashing things up without being pulled up for doing it seems a great idea. This is what the Smash Room offers. It is a fun experience where you are given a bat and a room full of items. All you need to do is start smashing.

Break everything that is in the room and no one will question you or ask you to pay for damages. If you are feeling a bit stressed or frustrated, the activity will help you vent your emotions.

It is a safe experience for anyone aged over 13. You can gift it to someone dear to you or go in a group. It is even a good idea to celebrate a birthday or any kind of event at the Smash room. It is a unique experience gift.

Smash Room Experience in Melbourne

7. Abseiling

If the person you want to gift an experience is the type who loves thrills, then abseiling is the perfect gift. Imagine hanging over a cliff's edge with the air beneath you. You get to descend from a 30-metre hill by rappelling down a rope.

This is an activity for everyone who loves adventures. Even kids can participate as long as they have an adult with them. All safety arrangements like padded harnesses, helmets, gloves, and a trained guide are available.

It is the perfect experience that's located just 45 minutes away from Melbourne. You can abseil while enjoying the beautiful scenery and landscape.

Abseiling Melbourne Experience

Common Questions - Gift Experiences Melbourne

1) What are some experience gift ideas?

Some Melbourne experience gifts ideas to consider are:

  • Helicopter Ride.

  • Hot air balloon ride.

  • River cruise with dinner.

  • Tandem skydiving.

  • Surfing lessons.

  • Private golf lesson from a pro.

2) What is a good experience gift for a family?

The best experience gift for a family is a helicopter ride. The entire family can spend a great time together and kids would simply love it.

You can also explore other unique gift ideas such as the world-famous penguin parade, visiting the Melbourne Zoo, taking them to a mini golf course, or even the Melbourne Museum.

3) Is an experience a good gift?

An experience is a great gift since it creates memories that can last for an entire lifetime. It shows the recipient that they matter and that you truly care for them.

4) How do experience gifts work?

Once you decide to purchase the gift, buy it either online or offline. Then you can present the voucher to the recipient for them to use.

5) Can I buy an experience as a gift voucher?

Yes, absolutely! Buying an experience as a gift voucher is a popular gift choice for special occasions such as a birthday or an anniversary. Gift vouchers for experiences in Melbourne, such as helicopter rides, hot air balloon rides, and more, can be a unique and memorable gift that creates lasting memories.

6) What to get someone who is not materialistic?

People who are not materialistic would love doing fun things or enjoying a unique fun-filled experience. There are many amazing gifts to choose from, but an experience gift is the best for someone who is not materialistic.

The ultimate guide to experiences melbourne

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