Mornington Peninsula Wine Tour by Helicopter

Helicopter Flights from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula

The beautiful Mornington Peninsula is just 30 minutes by helicopter from Melbourne and is known for its stunning landscapes, spectacular beaches and world-class wineries and breweries. Escape Melbourne in a private helicopter to Mornington Peninsula on one of the most popular day trips in Victoria. 

Whether you're a wine tasting enthusiast, a craft beer lover, or simply seeking a relaxing and enjoyable adventure, a private tour to Mornington Peninsula by helicopter offers a fabulous day out exploring the hidden gems along one of the most picturesque coastal regions in Victoria.

Perfect for couples looking to celebrate a romantic birthday or anniversary experience, or private groups looking for wine tasting tours with a difference, choose from one of our helicopter flights to Mornington Peninsula:

35 minute flight
$1,085.00 per person
35 minute flight
$812.00 per person
35 minute flight
$812.00 per person
35 minute flight
$948.00 per person

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Private Winery Tours in Mornington Peninsula

A winery tour by helicopter is the ultimate way to explore Victoria's premier tourist destination, Mornington Peninsula. Combine luxury with adventure on a helicopter flight that takes just over 30 minutes from Melbourne.

Enjoy beautiful aerial views of Melbourne and Port Phillip Bay and fly over popular landmarks including the Brighton Beach Boxes, Half Moon Bay, Mount Martha, Dromana and Arthur's Seat, before landing at your winery or brewery of choice.

Our tours are curated to offer an authentic and enjoyable experience at some of Mornington's most renowned venues including Red Hill, Trofeo Estate and St Andrews Beach Brewery. 

4 hour experience

$812.00 per person

Experience a helicopter wine tour from Melbourne to Trofeo Estate Winery in the Mornington Peninsula. 

Trofeo Estate is a boutique, family-owned, winery that's been producing award-winning vines since 1930. This tour combines adventure with exceptional food and delicious wines.

Brewery Tours in Mornington Peninsula

If you'd prefer an alternative to Mornington Peninsula wine tours, swap the grape explorations for a hops adventure and choose a pub tour by helicopter.

Take your better half or a small group of mates, and visit Mornington Peninsula's most renowned brewery, St Andrew's Beach Brewery. Meet their experienced local brewers who are deeply passionate about their craft, learn about their unique brewing process, and enjoy some delicious craft beers with friends.

St Andrew's Beach Brewery serves up beer tasting paddles, cider tasting options and an extensive lunch menu with everything from pizza and burgers to seafood, salads and steak, that is guaranteed to keep your group going well into the afternoon.

4 Hour Experience

$812.00 per person

Experience the ultimate helicopter brewery tour from Melbourne to St Andrews Beach Brewery.

The unique pub tour gives you the chance to enjoy a scenic helicopter ride, taste their iconic craft beer made on-site and indulge in a delicious lunch. Learn more about this hallmark Mornington Peninsula venue.  

Private Day Trip to the Peninsula Hot Springs by Helicopter

If you're looking for a more relaxing and intimate experience, fly by helicopter from Melbourne to the Peninsula Hot Springs - the award-winning natural hot springs and day spa in Mornington.

Your Hot Springs transport will include a luxury helicopter from Melbourne down the Port Phillip Bay coast, and include a spectacular landing at Peppers Moonah Links Golf Resort.

From there, your private transport will escort you to Peninsula Hot Springs for a 3 hour dine-and-bathe package, allowing you to explore the private Spa Dreaming Center (exclusively-for-adults) before enjoying a delicious breakfast or lunch while you relax.

5 Hour Experience

$2,107.01 per person

Visit the Mornington Peninsula Hot Springs in a helicopter for a relaxing spa day.

Enjoy the "Dine and Bathe" package, which includes access to the adults-only Spa Dreaming Centre, a la carte lunch, and luxury amenities.

Scenic Flights from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula

Experience the stunning beauty of the Mornington Peninsula coastal landscape on a 75-minute scenic helicopter ride from Melbourne.

Your Mornington Peninsula scenic helicopter tour will offer amazing scenic views of the Brighton Beach Boxes, Half Moon Bay, Mount Martha, Arthur's Seat and the ritzy coastal towns of Rye, Portsea and Sorrento (also known as "Millionaire's Walk")

Your private helicopter ride continues over Port Phillip heads and towards Queencliff, offering a spectacular view of the famous Point Lonsdale Lighthouse. From there, your tour continues along the Bellarine Peninsula over Geelong and Avalon Airport before flying past the Melbourne city skyline... The spectacular view is something you can only experience from the comfort of a helicopter.

1 hour and 15 minute flight

$539.00 per person

The scenic helicopter tour offers a fresh and thrilling way to explore the Mornington Peninsula.

During your 1 hour and 15 minute scenic flight, you'll fly past the Melbourne CBD and over the Brighton Beach Boxes, Mount Martha, Arthur's Seat and the exclusive Millionaire's Walk in the suburbs of Sorrento & Portsea.

Mornington Peninsula Wine Region

The Mornington Peninsula wine region is a popular destination located 80 kilometres away from Melbourne CBD. Nestled between the pristine beaches of Port Phillip Bay and the majestic forests of the peninsula, this wine region is known for its cool climate, fertile soils, and world-class wineries.

With over 50 vineyards and wineries spread across the region, the Mornington Peninsula boasts a rich wine culture that dates back to the 1970s. The region is particularly famous for its Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wine varieties.

The Mornington Peninsula wine region offers authentic wine-tasting experiences, where visitors can immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the wine region while indulging in exquisite wines.

Many of the wineries in the region also offer cellar-door tastings and public wine tours, where visitors can sample a variety of award-winning wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy stunning views of vine-covered hills and valleys.

Beyond wine tasting, the Mornington Peninsula wine region is home to state-of-the-art breweries and offers a range of amazing dining experiences.

Many of the properties are accompanied by renowned restaurants and cafes, where visitors can indulge in gourmet meals made from fresh local produce.

In addition to its exquisite wines and culinary offerings, the Mornington Peninsula wine region also hosts a variety of events and festivals throughout the year, including wine tastings, food and wine pairing experiences, and vineyard tours, providing visitors with a truly immersive and unforgettable wine experience.

Immerse yourself in an authentic, wine tasting and exploration journey to the Mornington Peninsula wine region. With its stunning sceneries, great wine, and welcoming hospitality, this region is a must-visit for both local and international tourists.

Standard Itinerary for Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

A standard itinerary for a wine tour with Rotor One:

  • 11:00 a.m - Depart by helicopter from Essendon Airport
  • 11:20 a.m - Fly past Melbourne CBD and along Port Phillip Bay
  • 11:40 a.m - Private landing at the St Andrews Beach Brewery
  • 12.00 p.m - Two hours to explore have lunch and enjoy a pint (or two) of beer (priced separately).
  • 2:15 p.m - Depart by helicopter from the winery
  • 3:00 p.m - Arrive back at Essendon Airport

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Mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

Top 9 Wineries That You Need To Visit By Helicopter

There are many amazing wineries in the Yarra Valley, Bellarine Peninsula & Mornington Peninsula wine regions. We'll help you decide which is the best winery you should fly to and why.

🎁 Gift Vouchers - mornington Peninsula Wine Tours

Rotor One offers a range of helicopter gift vouchers for those looking to purchase a gift for an upcoming anniversary or birthday celebrations.

Surprise them with a gift voucher for a scenic flight or a private wine tour that gives them the chance to experience the Mornington Peninsula in a way they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) - A Private Wine Tour by Helicopter

How much does a helicopter cost from Melbourne to Mornington?

It costs $2,100 to charter a private helicopter from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula with direct flights available to Fingal and Tyabb. 

How long does it take from Melbourne to Mornington by helicopter?

Flight time from Melbourne to Mornington Peninsula is approximately 35 minutes and includes stunning coastal views of Port Phillip Bay.

Do you include lunch and wine tasting in the private wine tours?

Some of our tours offer the option to pre-book lunch and wine tasting. Please see the individual winery tour page for inclusions or contact our team for more information. Details may vary across different tours.

How long do you spend at a venue on a winery tour?

Our private tours typically include up to 2.5 hours on the ground at the destination. This gives you plenty of time to savour a glass of wine, indulge in a delicious meal, and explore the winery.

How many wineries are in Mornington Peninsula?

The Mornington Peninsula wine region is home to over 50 wineries, each with a rich history of producing world-class wines. With over a 100-year legacy of winemaking, the region has established itself as a premier wine destination in Australia. Beyond its award-winning wines, the Mornington Peninsula also offers a stunning landscape and a vibrant culinary scene.

What wine is the Mornington Peninsula best known for?

The wine region is well-known for producing high-quality cool climate wines, with Pinot Noir and Chardonnay being the most prominent. Mornington Peninsula's Pinot Noir is particularly acclaimed for its aromatic and silky qualities, while its Chardonnay is known for its vibrant acidity and minerality. The region also produces other wine varieties such as Shiraz, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and more.