✅ Flight Safety Standards

Pre-Flight Safety Briefings

  • Each of our guests receive a pre-flight safety briefing from your Pilot on the planned flight path, what to expect during the flight and how to operate emergency exits.

Qualified & Experienced Flight Crews

  • All our crew are qualified Commercially Licensed Pilots and Flights Instructors with detailed knowledge of controlled airspace and several hundred to several thousand hours of flight experience each.

Detailed Monitoring of Weather Data

  • All flights are subject to favourable weather conditions on the day and your Pilot may delay or cancel your flight if they believe the weather may impact the safety margins or comfort of your flight.

Use of Position Broadcasting Technology (ADS-B)

  • Helicopters are equipped with position broadcasting technology (ADS-B) which tracks our position in real-time and, as an option in some aircraft, gives automated warnings of other aircraft flying nearby.

Routine Mandatory Maintenance Inspections

  • Helicopters are inspected every day prior to the first flight and receive a detailed inspection every 50 hours by licensed aircraft engineers (LAME) with critical components being inspected (and potentially replaced) at periodic maintenance intervals.

Flight Planning & Monitoring with Air & Rescue Services 

  • All flights to destinations outside populated areas have detailed flight plans that are submitted to Airservices Australia and include deadlines for time that search action may be required (SARTIME) as a strict precautionary measure. 

Use of Licensed Air Transport Operators 

  • All flights are conducted by CASA-licensed Air Transport Operators with approved safety management systems who maintain operational control of all aircraft. Air Operator Certificates include
    • Melbourne: CASA.TAAOC.0745, CASA.AOC.0254, CASA.AOC.0522, 
    • Sydney: CASA.AOC.0481, 1-D90FL-03, 
    • Brisbane: CASA.AOC.0537
    • Sunshine Coast: CASA.AOC.0462