Things to do near 12 Apostles: Make the most of your trip

Things to do near 12 Apostles: Make the most of your trip

Iconic Things To Do In 12 Apostles: Twelve Apostles Experiences and Tours.

12 Apostles is an iconic destination that you can visit throughout the year. During the summer, Twelve Apostles turns busy, with crowds gathering to enjoy themselves at this scenic location. The weekends can be particularly crowded since 12 Apostles is close to Melbourne.

The area around the 12 Apostles has been blessed with rich natural resources. The area is also spiritually significant to the indigenous Aboriginal population. Along the coastline, you'll be able to find important cultural destinations.

If you want to visit 12 Apostles and enjoy all the attractions that it has to offer, consider visiting in October or November. You could also visit the Twelve Apostles between February and May. During the Christmas holidays, 12 Apostles is particularly busy, so you may not be able to enjoy all the attractions then. If you want to avoid the rain, then don't visit between June and September.

12 Things to do near 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road

The 12 Apostles have formed nearly 20 million years ago. Over the years, water and wind gradually wore the coastline down, leaving the rock stacks visible. The 12 Apostles are essentially rock stacks made of limestone, situated next to the Great Ocean Road.

These are a part of 'The Port Campbell National Park', as well as the '12 Apostles Marine National Park'. Even though 12 Apostles has the number 'twelve' in the title, there are at present no more than seven rocks at the site. There used to be eight, but one collapsed in 2005.

If you're travelling by car from Melbourne, then you can reach 12 Apostles within four and a half hours. There are no opening hours that you have to worry about when visiting the Twelve Apostles.

To truly enjoy the scenic beauty, try to come when the Sun is rising or setting. There's also a large car park here, and you won't have to pay any parking fee. A 12 Apostles helicopter ride can help you enjoy the sights around the area in a magnificent way.

Once you reach the 12 Apostles, what do you do exactly? Here are essential things to add to your 12 Apostles thing's do list.

1. Visit The 12 Apostles 

You can take a 12 Apostles helicopter to visit the rock site itself. The 12 Apostles is one of the most photographed destinations in the vicinity. The limestone stacks that you find here were created through erosion.

The Great Southern Ocean has weather conditions that are harsh. This, combined with the effects of wind, caused the limestone in the area to slowly erode over time.

When you're at the 12 Apostles, you can walk on the boardwalk towards Castle Rock. You can see Castle Rock from the 12 Apostles helicopter helipad. From Castle Rock, you'll be able to get the best view of the eight limestone rocks at the Twelve Apostles.

2. Enjoy A 12 Apostles Helicopter Ride

One of the most popular, and spectacular ways of enjoying the 12 Apostles, is by viewing the attraction from a helicopter. Experience a private helicopter tour to the 12 Apostles, all the way from Melbourne.

The total experience lasts between six to eight hours. From Melbourne to the 12 Apostles, is just one hour and fifteen minutes on the helicopter. Compare this to the four and a half hours it takes to get there by car.

You can click as many photos as you want, both on the ground and during the flight. You'll also be given premium noise-cancelling Bose headphones to help you enjoy the trip even more. On the 12 Apostles helicopter, you'll be able to see the limestone formations from every direction, and can also travel to nearby attractions to enjoy their aerial view as well.

From Melbourne, all the way to the 12 Apostles, enjoy the scenic beauty with a 12 Apostles helicopter ride.

If you're short on time and want to view all the major attractions near the 12 Apostles in the same day, then consider using a 12 Apostles helicopter. If you want to avoid the crowds, then you can enjoy the attractions from a 12 Apostles helicopter as well.

12 Apostles Helicopter Ride

3. Visit Loch Ard Gorge 

If you travel just 4 km from the 12 Apostles, you'll reach Loch Ard Gorge, a very popular destination in the area. In 1878, a clipper, unfortunately, sank here. Since then, this location has been named after the clipper.

In the disaster, fifty-two people lost their lives, and only two survived. If you want to learn more about the naval disaster, you can visit the Marine Museum, situated in Warrnambool. To reach the beach and the gorge, you'll need to walk for around 300 meters.

Along your walk, you'll find various boards, that tell visitors the story of the ship disaster. This beach is especially picturesque during the summer.

Don't miss adding it to your things to do near 12 Apostles list.

4. The Gibson Steps 

If you travel 1 km towards the east, from 12 Apostles, you'll reach the Gibson Steps. The car park here is pretty small, so keep that in mind while planning your visit. You don't want to find yourself walking 1.2 km from the 12 Apostles to this destination, during peak season. With that said, the 86 steps of the Gibson Steps take you to a beach that truly looks spectacular. You can take a 12 Apostles helicopter to this area.

Through this beach, you'll be able to access Magog and Gog. These are a pair of offshore stacks of limestone. During high tide, the steps will be closed to visitors. This is why you should ensure that you're going to the Gibsons Steps at a time when there is a low tide.

5. The Razorback 

The Razorback isn't situated that far from Loch Ard Gorge. You can go through the parking area of the Loch And Gorge to reach the Razorback. You'll find it towards the left of the Loch Ard Gorge. If you go towards the right, then you'll end up reaching Thunder Cave and Muttonbird Island.

There's a curious fact about how The Razorback was named. Its name was inspired by the sharp edges of the rocks. These sharp edges were created over time by the sea breeze and the spray from the water.

6. London Bridge 

Take a 12 Apostles helicopter and ask them to take you to London Bridge. Nearly all the picturesque destinations in and around the 12 Apostles, can be viewed from above, while you're on a helicopter. The London Bridge is situated within 18 km of the Twelve Apostles. Here, you'll find a rock formation that looks like a collapsed bridge.

The coastline, as well as this rock formation, constantly needs to endure attacks from the rain, the wind, as well as the waves. This causes this attraction to erode faster. Both the arches of the London Bridge are expected to collapse, due to erosion. Nearby, you can find another rock formation that's also popular among tourists. It's a smaller rock formation known as 'The Arch'.

7. Take A Hike Towards The 12 Apostles

Before you board your 12 Apostles helicopter, why not consider walking the scenic route from the end of the Great Ocean, towards the 12 Apostles. If you're travelling from Princetown, then you'll need to hike around 7kms to reach your destination. You'll be walking on boardwalk, rubber tiles, gravel, steps, and other kinds of surfaces. However, you'll also be greeted with stunning views of the ocean.

On your hike, you should also be able to see kangaroos, as well as many interesting varieties of birds. Remember to plan out how long you want your walk to be. The Great Ocean Walk is around 104 kms in its entirety.

8. See Shipwrecks For Yourself 

One of the popular things to do around 12 Apostles, is to view shipwrecks. These can be viewed from a 12 Apostles helicopter.

The Bass Strait used to be a big shipping route. It brought not just supplies, but also immigrants, to Victoria. Near the 12 Apostles, you'll find the Shipwreck Coast. There are upwards of two hundred shipwrecks that can be viewed between Cape Otway and Port Fairy.

You can even talk about a walk along the Historic Shipwreck Trail. Along the trail, you'll find information plaques that let visitors learn all about the shipwrecks that occurred there.

9. Travel To Sherbrook River

In your 12 Apostles things to do list, consider adding a visit to Sherbrook River. Here, you'll find the Sherbrook River leading into the beautiful Southern Ocean. Waves that reach as high as 12 ft pound against the rocks that are located on the side of the bay. If you're in the 12 Apostles area, don't miss visiting Sherbrook River.

10. Visit The Grotto 

When it comes to things to do near the 12 Apostles, you can't forget about The Grotto. Here, you'll find a giant rock formation in the shape of an arch, that's bending over a sinkhole. This is due to acid, which is slowly eating away at the limestone that is situated underneath. At The Grotto, you can take winding stairs to go down to the town formation.

What you'll see is a tide pool, which many visitors find beautiful. Remember to be careful when you visit the area, due to the acidity of this destination. Although it's less well known among tourists, The Grotto is still a beautiful destination that you should consider visiting. You can even take a 12 Apostles helicopter to view The Grotto from a distance.

11. The Thunder Cave 

Also near the Twelve Apostles is the Thunder Cave. Here, visitors can look down at a narrow gorge. In the gorge, the water can be seen rushing to the deep end. Then, while it tries to get back out, it causes a booming sound. This is where the Thunder Cave gets its name from.

12. Visit The Island Arch 

The Island Arch is one of the most popular attractions in the Port Campbell National Park. Lots of tour buses carry tourists to this area, and it's known for being crowded. But if you didn't come here to use the beach but rather enjoy the spectacular scenery, then you're likely to have a great time.

In the middle of the bay, you'll see two large limestone stacks that are standing upright.

Things to do near 12 Apostles

Experience Australia's Spectacular Coastal Scenery and Main Attraction: Twelve Apostles Tours & Things to do

The 12 Apostles is one of the most popular attractions near Melbourne, well known for its natural beauty. If you're in Melbourne, or if you're travelling along The Great Ocean Road, then don't miss out on viewing the 12 Apostles. You can make use of a 12 Apostles helicopter to see the major attractions in the area from the sky. From shipwrecks to limestone rock formations, the 12 Apostles draws visitors throughout the year.

With our 12 Apostles helicopter rides, you can spend up to two hours at the 12 Apostles. You can also enjoy a two-hour optional stopover at a winery for lunch. As soon as you get down at the 12 Apostles Helipad, you'll be able to start enjoying beautiful views of the Castle Rock lookout. The natural beauty just gets better from there. Book a 12 Apostles helicopter ride to enjoy the natural beauty of the area like never before.

Bonus - Things to do near Port Campbell

Port Campbell is a charming coastal town that offers a delightful mix of natural beauty and vibrant hospitality. From its stunning rock formations and crystal-clear waters to its mouth-watering local cuisine. There are plenty of things to do and see near the Port Campbell national park.

Port Campbell Nature Parks

One of the main attractions in Port Campbell is its natural beauty. Visitors can take a scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road and witness the spectacular limestone cliffs of the Twelve Apostles, Loch Ard Gorge, and the London Bridge Lookout. The rugged coastline, pristine beaches, and lush rainforests make it a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, photographers, and nature lovers.

Port Campbell Tours and Hotels

In addition to its natural attractions, Port Campbell also boasts an impressive culinary scene. The town's restaurants offer a range of delicious seafood dishes, using locally caught ingredients. From fresh fish and chips to succulent seafood platters, Port Campbell food is a gastronomic delight that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

For those seeking a comfortable stay, Port Campbell hotels offer a variety of accommodation options, ranging from budget-friendly motels to luxurious beachfront resorts. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there is an option for everyone.

Port Campbell Shopping and Nightlife

After a long day of exploring, you can unwind and experience the Port Campbell nightlife. With bars, pubs, and restaurants offering live music and entertainment, there is always something happening in town. Whether you are the type of person who prefers a quiet drink or a lively atmosphere, Port Campbell has something to suit your mood.

Port Campbell Food & Accommodation

In addition to its natural attractions, Port Campbell also boasts an impressive culinary scene. The town's restaurants offer a range of delicious seafood dishes, using locally caught ingredients. From fresh fish and chips to succulent seafood platters, Port Campbell food is a gastronomic delight that will leave your taste buds wanting more.

For those seeking a comfortable stay, Port Campbell hotels offer a variety of accommodation options, ranging from budget-friendly motels to luxurious beachfront resorts. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway or a family vacation, there is an option for everyone.

Port Campbell Transportation: How to get there?

There are many ways to travel from Melbourne to Port Campbell. The most common option is to rent a car and drive along the Great Ocean Road. This scenic route takes you over 4 hours to reach Port Campbell. Another alternative is to take a helicopter ride from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles. This is one of the fastest ways to travel as it only takes 1 hour and 15 minutes. You'll also experience beautiful aerial views of the 12 Apostles and the Great Ocean Road. Click here to book a helicopter ride from Melbourne to the 12 Apostles.

With so much to explore and experience, it is no wonder that Port Campbell is a must-visit destination for anyone travelling along the Great Ocean Road.

Things to do 12 Apostles and Port Campbell

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