Booking Policy

Rescheduling, Cancellation & Bad Weather

  • You can reschedule or cancel your flight up to 72 hours before departure.
  • If you choose to cancel, we'll give you a full refund minus a 10% cancellation fee.
  • In the event of bad weather (low cloud, heavy rain or high winds) we'll contact you on the day to reschedule your flight.

Age & Weight Limitations

  • If any guests are over 130kg or your group of 3 weighs more than 240kg combined, we'll need to approve your flight. Please call or email us after you book.
  • All children must be 3 years or older to fly (we cannot carry infants for safety reasons)
  • Flight and departure times are approximate and may be affected by weather, aircraft or air traffic control.
For more information, please see our detailed terms of service.