Craig's Hut Winter Adventure (Picnic in the Snow)

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Epic helicopter adventure for a picnic in the snow at the famous Craig's Hut in Victoria's Snowy Mountains

🕔 5 hour Experience
🚁 1 hour Private Flight (each way)
⛰ 2 hours on the Ground to Explore
⛄️ Land in the Snowy Mountains
❄️ Exclusive Winter Special
📍 Flights depart Essendon (20 mins from CBD)
🥇 Melbourne's #1 Rated Helicopter Company

Winter Helicopter Adventure from Melbourne to Craig's Hut for a Picnic in the Snow

Enjoy a spectacular private picnic on top of Victoria's Snowy Mountains by helicopter

Imagine stepping back in time to an era of rugged pioneers and breathtaking landscapes. At the heart of Victoria's High Country lies Craig's Hut, a remarkable symbol of Australia's rich settler history.

Originally constructed as a film set for the iconic "The Man From Snowy River," this humble hut now stands as a testament to the spirit of adventure that shaped Australia. Nestled atop Mt. Stirling and blanketed in snow during the winter season, a trip to Craig's Hut isn't just a journey across miles—it's a journey through time.

A scenic helicopter flight over Mount Buller and the Victorian Alps

Your adventure begins at our hangar in Essendon Airport where you'll take to the skies for an aerial view of the lush Yarra Valley. As you pass the impressive Yarra Ranges, the calm expanse of Lake Eildon will unfold beneath you.

Then, as the snowy peaks of the Victorian Alps appear in the distance, you'll find yourself flying over Mount Buller Alpine Lodge with birds-eye views of skiers carving down the mountain. Finally, the snow-capped tops of Mt. Stirling will come into view and you'll know you're nearing your destination: the iconic Craig's Hut. This is Australia at its most raw and beautiful. 

A real taste of Australian history with private helicopter landing at Craig's Hut

Your helicopter will land just metres away from Craig's Hut, where the untouched beauty of Victoria's snowy mountains will be visible in all directions. A short path leads to the rustic charm of Craig's Hut, where every timber and nail has a tale to tell. 

Following its debut in "The Man From Snowy River" movie, the hut grew rapidly in popularity among visitors and tourists before being burnt down in a 2006 fire started by a lightning strike. It was rebuilt in 2007 using more durable timbers such as red gum and iron bark (a sign of Australian resilience) and now provides a cozy retreat for cross-country skiers seeking refuge from the cold in the winter months.

PRO TIP: During your visit, have a look for the large granite boulders surrounding Craig's Hut for the ‘graves’ of Jim Craig’s parents, remnants from the movie set​.

Gourmet Picnic in the Snow by Helicopter

Following your exploration of the storied Craig's Hut, take a moment to enjoy a gourmet picnic hamper as you sit amongst the tranquil serenity of the High Country. As you enjoy your picnic, allow the panoramic views and the peaceful sounds of nature to create a dining experience like no other. This intimate picnic, set against the backdrop of the High Country's pristine beauty, perfectly captures the spirit of your adventure.

** Flights are weather dependent

Please note this tour is highly weather dependent and flights only operate during daylight hours with clear skies and low winds. In the event of poor weather on the day, we may ask to reschedule your flight for your comfort and safety.

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    Where are you located?

    Rotor One is located at Essendon Airport which is 20 minutes from Melbourne CBD. Our address is Hangar 7 Wirraway Rd, Essendon Fields and we have off-street parking next to our building.

    When should I arrive?

    Please arrive 10 minutes before your booking begins for a relaxed experience.

    Do you depart from other locations, like the City Helipad?

    We depart from Essendon Airport as you have an amazing view of the Melbourne City skyline from the moment you step onto the tarmac. We do not offer flights from the City Helipad on the Yarra River.

    What is the minimum age requirement for children?

    Children aged 3 years and older can fly. Our pilots will give them special attention to ensure they have an amazing time. All children will have their own window seat and pay the same seat price (we don't offer discounts for children as we make sure they have even more fun than the adults 😁)

    I'm just one person. Can I fly by myself?

    All our scenic and winery flights are private and require a minimum of two people, except for our Learn To Fly A Helicopter experience. You can book two seats on a scenic or winery flight if you'd like the helicopter to yourself, or you can book a single seat on our shared fight over Melbourne City, Beaches & Coast.

    Can bad weather prevent us from flying?

    Yes, adverse weather conditions such as low cloud, fog, heavy rain or high winds may require your flight to be delayed or rescheduled. If this is the case, your pilot will contact you at least 2 hours prior to your booking time to reschedule your flight to another day/time or provide a full refund.

    Google says there's will be bad weather on the day. Should I reschedule?

    There's no need to contact us to reschedule based on a weather forecast as they're often inaccurate, especially in Melbourne! We use live weather data on the day of your flight to determine if flights can be conducted safely. We'll contact you at least 2 hours prior to your flight if bad weather could delay your flight.

    Why do I need to provide my weight?

    We use this to calculate the weight and balance of the helicopter prior to flight. If any guests are over 130kg or a group of 2 or 3 weighs more than 240kg, please contact us prior to booking.

    Can I use my camera or phone during flight?

    Yes, we encourage you to take as many photos and videos on the ground, and in the air, as possible.

    What should I wear?

    Please bring a pair of sunglasses and you're welcome to wear clothing appropriate to the weather. We do recommend a wind-breaker jacket for any sunrise / doors-off flights and also when flying on our 12 Apostles tour as both experiences can be windy.

    Can I bring any luggage?

    Handbags, small backpacks or duffel bags weighing less than 10kg and less than 60cm in length can be carried. Its essential all baggage is soft and compact as it must fit in a small baggage compartment under your seat. We're not able to carry any rigid suitcases or airplane carry-on size rolling luggage.

    Can I fly if I'm pregnant?

    Yes, however we recommend flying prior to your third trimester.

    Can I fly if I'm in a wheelchair?

    Yes, our hangar is wheelchair-accessible and we warmly welcome passengers with special needs. Our team will gladly assist in lifting any passengers into the aircraft for their flight. We can also arrange to transport foldable wheelchairs when flying 4 or more passengers, as we use larger helicopters with cargo holds for these flights.

    What is your cancellation policy?

    Please see our cancellation policy below for more information.

    What safety standards do you have in place?

    Please see our flight safety guidelines below for more information.

    Contact us anytime on (03) 7065 1888 or if you'd like to make changes to your booking or have any questions.

    Can I reschedule my flight?

    Yes, up to 72 hours before your departure time and on one occasion. We unfortunately cannot accomodate any reschedule requests with less than 72 hours notice as we make commitments to ensure your Pilot and Helicopter are reserved exclusively for you on the day.

    Can I get a refund on my flight if my plans change?

    Yes, up to 72 hours before your departure time. Please note there is a 10% cancellation fee for any bookings cancelled at your request.

    What happens if the helicopter cannot fly due to bad weather?

    Our team will call you up to 2 hours before your departure to reschedule your flight or provide a full refund.

    Can I get a refund on a Gift Voucher I bought for someone?

    Gift Vouchers are unfortunately non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. However, vouchers are transferable and their value can be used towards any helicopter experience on Rotor One.


    Pre-Flight Safety Briefings

    • Each of our guests receive a pre-flight safety briefing from your Pilot on the planned flight path, what to expect during the flight and how to operate emergency exits.

    Qualified & Experienced Flight Crews

    • All our crew are qualified Commercially Licensed Pilots and Flights Instructors with detailed knowledge of Melbourne airspace and several hundred to several thousand hours of flight experience each.

    Detailed Monitoring of Weather Data

    • All flights are subject to favourable weather conditions on the day and your Pilot may delay or cancel your flight if they believe the weather may impact the safety margins or comfort of your flight.

    Use of Position Broadcasting Technology (ADS-B)

    • Our helicopters are equipped with the newest position broadcasting technology (ADS-B) which tracks our position in real-time and gives automated warnings of other aircraft flying nearby.

    Routine Mandatory Maintenance Inspections

    • Our helicopters are inspected every day prior to the first flight and receive a detailed inspection every 50 hours by licensed aircraft engineers (LAME) with critical components being replaced every 100 and 400 hours of flight time.

    Flight Planning & Monitoring with Air & Rescue Services 

    • All flights to destinations outside Melbourne have detailed flight plans that are submitted to Airservices Australia and include deadlines for time that search action may be required (SARTIME) as a strict precautionary measure.

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    Can’t explain in words because it’s is still unbelievable must do once in live nothing to say….🥰😍 thank you to Ed (captain) must select Ed if you have option to select as captain 👩‍✈️ thank you to all rotor one team

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